A development scenario


This section shows how a typical development scenario could be for development of a new C++ application. It assumes that the Wind River tools have been installed, and that a boot loader and a VxWorks Image already exist.


  1. The IDE, Wind River Workbench 2.5, is started.
  2. A new DKM project is created, with build specs for the SBC (PENTIUMdiab) and the VxSim simulator (SIMNTdiab)
  3. Source files are added to the project and code is written
  4. The project is successfully built for the simulator
  5. A properly configured simulator is created and/or started
  6. The application is downloaded to and executed in the simulator
  7. Application-level errors are hunted down and removed by debugging in the simulator
  8. The application is built for the target
  9. The application is downloaded to and executed on the target
  10. More subtle errors (e.g. timing errors) are removed by use of the target debugger and the System Viewer