Installation of Wind River VxWorks 6.6 and Workbench 3.0


This article describes how to install the Wind River-related tools on an IHA or private PC. The complete installation wil take ½-1½ hours depending on the speed of your computer. The article pertains to installation on Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista hosts.

The tools will by default be installed at C:\Windriver. If you are installing the Wind River tools on an IHA PC, this must not be changed. If you are instaling the Wind Rivver tools on your private PC, you may change the installation directory, but if you do so, no support will be granted to correct related errors. In the latter case, ensure that the path to your installation directory contains no spaces.

Before you start

To install the tools, you must obtain the following:
  • Installation media
  • License File (named License.dat)
from the IHA network drive file:// in the folder: Wind River Vxworks (reachable from the IHA network or by VPN) .
Copy all files in the folder to a temp folder on your harddisk (and delete them when installation is complete).

"Installing" the license file

Copy the obtained license file License.dat to a new directory, C:\windriver\license\.

Installing the Wind River tools

The user that installs the tools must be a local user on the PC and must be member of the user group "Administrators". If not, installation will hang after step 3 in the below procedure. This is a known issue to Wind River.
  1. Run setup.exe from DVD 1 and allow installation if necessary
  2. Welcome > Next
  3. License Agreement: I Accept > Next
  4. Installation Directory: Leave at default > Next
  5. Choose Activation Type: Select "Permanent activation" and enter the path to the product activation file from (1) above > Next
  6. Choose installation filters:
    1. Target Architectures: Intel is mandatory, PowerPC and ARM are recommended. The rest is voluntary.
    2. Products and Features: Standard Installation.
  7. Standard Installation > Next

Installation wil now commence. This takes a good while (½-1½ hours) depending on the speed of your PC.

Building missing libraries

The installation misses three library files that will prohibit the build of a boot loader. To build these, follow the below procedure:
  1. Open a VxWorks Development Shell (Start Menu -> All Programs > Wind River > VxWorks 6.6 and General Purpose Technologies > VxWorks Development Shell).
  2. CD to the diretory C:\windriver\vxworks-6.6\target\src
  3. Run the command make CPU=PENTIUM TOOL=diab