Setting up the development environment


This note will explain how you set up a development environment for VxWorks 6.6 development with 1 SBC686 (the SBC or target) and 1 PC.


Due to a known but unfixed error in the VxWorks Board Support Package for the Pentium platform – the BSP used for SBC’s – the MAC address for the SBC’s will always be 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 or FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF. This means that the SBC cannot be used on IHA’s regular network and thus not retrieve its image from a network drive. It is therefore necessary to create a stand-alone network for the SBC and the PC. Using this network, the boot loader will log in to the FTP server on the PC, retrieve a VxWorks image from it and boot it.

The procedure requires you to change the IP address of your PC. If you need access to the IHA network or the Internet while on the closed network you must establish the connection wirelessly.

Hardware needed

1 SBC686
1 Monitor
1 PC with Wind River tools installed
1 serial communications cable
1 network switch
2 RJ45 network cables

Software needed

SBC686 boot loader (available here)
Free IP Switcher (optional)


Step 1: Hardware setup
1. Connect the listed hardware as shown below. Note that the SBC-PC network must be stand-alone. You may not connect the switch to the IHA network. If you need access to the IHA network, establish a wireless VPN connection.

Step 2: Install a boot loader on the SBC
2. Boot the SBC
3. At the boot menu, select “DOS > lokal”
4. Copy the obtained boot loader to the SBC directory c:\vxworks\bootrom.sys using the command "copy a:\bootrom.sys c:\vxworks"

Step 3: Configure Wind River FTP server
5. Configure the Wind River FTP server for boot loader access using this procedure

Step 4: Configuring your PC
6. It is necessary to alter the IP settings of your PC to match those of the boot loader. If you wish to be able to switch back and forth between IP setups, you can use the “Free IP Switcher”, available from Set up your settings as shown below (omit computer name settings):

Step 5: Create a VxWorks image
7. Using this procedure, create a VxWorks image
8. Copy the VxWorks image file (file name “VxWorks”, no extension) to c:\vxboot on the PC

Step 6: Boot the target
9. Ensure that the Wind River FTP server is running
10. Reboot the SBC, select “VxLoad --> VxWorks” from the boot menu. The boot loader will now load and be executed, then log in to the Wind River FTP server, retrieve the VxWorks image and execute it. You can now connect to the image's target agent and download a C++ application