To-do list


This page constitutes the to-do list for in the integration of VxWorks at the Engineering College of Aarhus. If you have anything to contribute to the tasks listed below, please do not hesitate to edit the article or to contact the site administrator.

Outstanding tasks

Integration of Disk-On-Chip

The DiskOnChip (DOC) on the SBC686's must be integrated so that it may be used as target-side file system. The DOC is the M-Systems MD2200-Dxx series. Preliminary studies indicate that the necessary driver development, while feasible, is a major task to be undertaken.

Deeper understanding of the use of scope tools

Wind River supplies a wide range of scope tools that are valuable in application development. In time we should have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the use of these tools.

Installation and use of Workbench 3.0 (Vista-compatible)