VxWorks Wiki for the Engineering College of Aarhus (IHA).


This Wiki is intended for the sharing of experiences, best practices, pitfalls etc. in the use of VxWorks on the Engineering College of Aarhus. The Wiki is complimentary to the Wind River supplied documentation available on-line on workstations with Wind River's tools installed.

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Wiki access

This wiki is protected. This means that pages can be browsed by anyone, but only edited by members. As a member, feel free to correct and augment the pages. If you are not a member, and you find any errors one these pages, or if you wish to apply for membership, please contact TFJ. Note: Students will not be granted membership.

New pages

At wikispaces.com, new pages can only be created by the wiki administrator but if you have any new topics, hints, tricks, procedures or experiences regarding VxWorks, please send TFJ an email with the title of the page to have it created. The more information we share, the more useful this wiki will be. Pages may be in either English (preferred) or Danish.


Thanks to Wind River for kind, competent, and swift support (and more). Thanks to wikispaces.com for this medium to share our knowledge.